A flick back in time… to a former life

PICT0035-1Couldn’t resist posting this old photo from around 1966.

The young guy on the left with a full head of black hair is me, aged about 16. I was Scottish junior long jump champion and my coach, the chap on the right, was the great John Anderson, who was convinced I should acquire skills in all the track and field disciplines with a view to a future career in the decathlon.

I went on to gain a couple of Scottish internationals as a long jumper while John, at that time Scottish National Athletics Coach went on to great honours as one of our finest track and field coaches ever. He later found fame as the official referee in the televisions Gladiator shows. Remember “3-2-1…”

John is now living somewhere in the south of England but I plan to visit sometime early next year. Will be great to catch up…

Meanwhile, filming is almost finished for our annual televised long walk. This year it’s from the Mull of Galloway to Oban. We’ve called it the Western Way!

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