Cracked ribs and road rash… ugh!

THERE will be no more cycling for me for a couple of weeks.

Last Friday I had a wee altercation with the bridge over the River Tromie near Kingussie, a little incident that has left me with road rash down one thigh, several cuts to my neck and shoulder and worst of all, some cracked ribs. 

It was the kind of fall that can happen anywhere, at any time. I had come a short hill and was about to take the bend that leads onto the bridge in my usual fashion when my rear wheel slid away, I lost control and smashed into the bridge parapet.

I’m not sure why my wheel slipped like it did. Unfortunately I didn’t have the sense to check it out at the time but it felt a bit like some diesel on the road. Whatever it was it was enough to throw me and hit the bridge. I managed to swerve enough so that my left thigh took the brunt of the collision, hence the road rash, but I hit the top edge of the parapet on the left side of my chest. I thought I was going to be tossed over the bridge into the river below but some steel joists, with two strands of wire running through them, prevented that happening, although they cut me up quite badly.

Things didn’t feel too bad at the time, indeed I was more concerned for my bike, but as the days wore on the pain of the cracked ribs has intensified. I’ve been swallowing painkillers like there’s no tomorrow. 

As it happens I have to go off to the south-west on a filming shoot. We’re just starting our big project for this year’s television walk, a long journey from the Mull of Galloway to Oban. It’ll be broadcast at Christmas over two hour-long programmes.

Fortunately the injuries won’t prevent me from walking or climbing hills and I don’t feel too bad unless I sneeze, cough or laugh! 

Just concerned it might be enough to make me drop out of the Loch Ness Etape at the beginning of May and the Caledonian Etape the following week. Provided I’m OK for our Ireland End to End ride later in May then I don’t mind too much. But for the next week to ten days, I don’t think I’ll be on a bike…

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