Bye bye Brooks Saddle – you’re not for me…


A few weeks ago I blogged about my brand new Brooks saddle, which I hoped would replace the original saddle on my Ridgeback Panorama road touring bike.

A number of you warned me that a Brooks leather saddle wouldn’t be heaven on earth immediately but might take a fair while to break in, some suggesting between 600 and a thousand miles!

Well, I’ve given it a good 600 miles and it still feels as though I’m sitting on hard plastic. It’s not desperately uncomfortable at the start of a ride but by the end my bum feels very sore, as though it’s been bruised. What’s worse, the enjoyment and sheer pleasure I’ve had riding the Ridgeback has gone. A comfortable saddle is crucial for enjoyable riding and I’m afraid, for me at least, the Brooks saddle is not comfortable.

I’m well aware that I should use it more, break it in more, keep riding on it for at least another few hundred miles but the truth is that after each ride I swear it will be my last. The pleasure has gone, so I’ve reverted to my old saddle. I rode 53 miles on it the other day, from Newtonmore up to Inverness over the Slochd, and it was fine. The pleasure of riding a touring bike had returned so I’m going to stick with it.

When I first took the Brooks saddle from its presentation box I marvelled at the sheer beauty of the thing. I loved the craftsmanship that had created it, I rejoiced in the lovely warm leather smell from it, I looked forward to having it as a friend for many years to come.

Alas, it now sits on a shelf in my garage. It just didn’t do the trick for me. Sorry Brooks!


3 thoughts on “Bye bye Brooks Saddle – you’re not for me…

  1. Cameron my Brooks saddle – same model as yours – was lovely and comfy right from the start, so much so that I felt able to ditch my padded shorts! Best thing I’ve bought for the bike (and I’m not a shareholder in the company, by the way). Obviously they’re not for everyone though. All the best.

  2. I’ve been impressed with the specialized body geometry saddles – varying widths and varying amounts of padding available. Definitely worth a go! Just gotta accept that you try it for a few weeks then if it’s hurting try another – could be expensive but it’ll be worth it!

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