The Carbon Cycle – insightful and intelligent

NO blogs for the last few days ‘cos I’ve been away. Richard Else and I have been in Turkey filming a new Wild Weekend for The Adventure Show.

Can’t really say at the moment where we were, simply because I’d like viewers to be as surprised by it when they see it on the show as I was when I saw it for real. Enough to say for the moment it was one of the most incredible landscapes I’ve walked through, anywhere!

And there probably won’t be any blogs for a few days. Off to Celtic Connections tomorrow for a few concerts – the lovely Emily Smith tomorrow night, then the Womens Heart concert featuring some of the best of Irish female singers, then the one and only Cathal McConnell and friends on Thursday before finishing off with the amazing Transatlantic Sessions musicians on Friday. I’ll be reeling by Saturday…

I feel slightly guilty because I won’t have much time all week to get out on the bike but the way the weather’s looking I probably wouldn’t get out anyway. Forecasting snow for here, and lots of it. I hope I even make it to Glasgow..

While I was in Turkey I read quite a remarkable book. The Carbon Cycle by Kate Rawles isn’t about the latest in road bike technology but about a bike ride Kate took up the length of America – from New Mexico to Anchorage, Alaska. Realising that the US is probably one of the biggest polluters and climate change denial nation on earth she set off on her low carbon transport to speak to and listen to American people about climate change.

I must confess I’ve become a little impatient with climate change deniers, especially those who base their opposition to wind farms on the claim that humans don’t cause climate change. Why can’t they just admit they don’t like windfarms because the turbines spoil the view? That’s essentially the main reason most folk oppose renewable energy. I don’t particularly like windfarms either, because they spoil the views and ‘industrialise’ what was often previously wild land, but I do believe we urgently need to do something about changing our lifestyles at a personal and community level, as well as at corporate levels, if are to halt the potentially catastrophic slide into environmental disaster.

I’ve always been aware of the ‘potential’ effects of climate change but Kate’s book paints a very graphic and alarming picture of what might well happen if we don’t act urgently. It’s scary, it’s depressing and it’s potentially horrific, but those are not good enough reasons for ignoring it.

I’ll get round to writing a proper review of the book in due course but in the meantime I’d recommend it strongly. 

The Carbon Cycle by Kate Rawles, published by Two Ravens Press


2 thoughts on “The Carbon Cycle – insightful and intelligent

  1. Somewhat hypocritical from someone who public ally opposed the Killington Wind Farm because it spoilt you view from the motorway. Have you ever considered how many people’s houses were ruined by the motorway which you seem to depend on. Ever thought of using the train? If you really support wind power the please at least be consistent.

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