Help required – Ireland end-to-end by bike

I’M looking for a bit of help this morning.

As many of you are aware I intend cycling from Mizen Head to Malin Head, the length of Ireland, this spring. The route itself isn’t a problem. We’ll follow what is now a pretty standard route up through the west of Ireland to Donegal, although I’m keen to divert further west to Dingle and then later to Connemara and Westport, County Mayo.

What I want to find out is the easiest way of getting to Mizen Head and then, at the end of the trip, the easiest way of getting from Malin Head to Larne, from where we can get a ferry back to Scotland.

At the moment we have a rough plan, which is not probably not ideal, but is the best we can come up with at the moment, but I’m sure out there in cyberworld somewhere is a brain brighter than mine who has worked out a much more cunning set of travel logistics.

At the moment this is our intention, for better or worse.

1) I live in the Scottish Highlands, my mate Hamish lives in Sedbergh, Cumbria, so I will hire a van, pick Hamish up, and then we’ll travel to Holyhead and catch a ferry to Dublin.

2) From Dublin we hope to catch a train to Cork, and from Cork we’ll have to cycle for a couple of days out to Mizen Head. (The cycling isn’t really a problem, it will allow us to see even more of a grand part of Ireland.)

3) From Malin Head we’ll probably cycle to the ferry that crosses Lough Foyle to near Portstewart and then follow the Causeway Coast route round to Larne where we’ll catch a ferry, hopefully, to Troon. We’ll then cycle from Troon to Glasgow and then make our own separate ways home to the Highlands and Cumbria respectively.

That, for the moment, is the plan.

If anyone has a better plan, or knows of any taxi service or bus service that would take us and out bikes from Cork to Mizen Head, or from Malin Head to Larne, then I’d love to hear from you. Likewise, any nuggets of info or advice about cycling between Mizen Head and Malin Head would be hugely appreciated. Thank youi!

5 thoughts on “Help required – Ireland end-to-end by bike

  1. hi, i have been looking at doing malin to mizen also ! probably 2015, i have been looking for info.. and found marie curie are doing a trip next year, you could look at there itinery for ideas and route plan. also i have found a bike company bike adventures which are based in cumbria tel 07534413591 or e mail info @bike adventures they may help you in some way. hope been helpful and have a great trip. @doug-irving

    • Hi Doug,
      I hope your plans are going well.
      I recently opened a luxury hostel, in the town of Kilfinane Co. Limerick.
      I designed this hostel with bikers in mind, bike wash, bike lock-up/workshop, drying room, hotel grade mattress, high powered showers we even have a sauna. please look us up as we are very well located for Malin to Mizen and can offer fantastic value, comforts and practicality. I hope you will please consider staying with us for your end to end trip, as won’t be disappointed. Thank you.


      Séamus Nunan,
      Ballyhoura Hostel

  2. Hmm from the Loch Foyle ferry it’s 10 miles to Castlerock which is on the Belfast – Derry train line. It’s about 1.5 hrs to Belfast. From Belfast there is another train to Larne or 20 miles on the bike. Or you could get off at Antrim and cycle to Larne from there…maybe a bit shorter.

  3. PS Doherty coaches and John McGinley run coaches from Donegal to Glasgow a couple days per week. Times on the web. Not sure if they take bikes and you would have to get to Derry to pick one up.

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