Lezyne Femto Drive lights


IT’S that time of the year again. The dark afternoons when I go out on my bike dressed like a Christmas tree so that drivers will spot me through the murk.

For safety’s sake I like to dress my bike up too, with plenty of lights. A solid beam for cutting through the dark and I can see where I’m going and a pair of flashing front and rear lights to warn other road users I’m on the road.

This winter I’ve been using a set of American Lezyne Femto Drive lights, which offer excellent value at just under twenty quid. I know you can buy cheaper flashers but there is a bit of quality about these and after using a host of lights that seem to seize up after the first salt spray on the winter roads I’m hoping these will last a lot longer. I’ve been using them for the past couple of months and so far so good, and I’m still on the original batteries so that’s a good start.

The Lezyne Femto Drive Front is a bright, ultra-compact, safety light. It features an integrated lens switch made of high-grade optical material, which serves as an activation button that cycles through four flash modes and one solid mode. The machined aluminum body is lightweight, durable, and extremely weather-resistant.

The Femto Drive Rear is virtually identical, except it has a red light. Both lights utilise the company’s Clip-On System for versatile strapped or clipped mounting. The multi-position silicon rubber strap attaches directly to the back plate to secure the light to a wide range of handle bar diameters.

What I particularly like about these lights is the side visibility. This lens extends beyond the body providing 180 degrees visibility, increasing user safety. The back cap can easily be unscrewed to replace the two CR2032 disposable batteries. The Femto Drive Front is available as a single front LED, or as a front/rear pair (Femto Drive Front and Rear). Replacement CR2032 batteries are also available in packs of 2 and 8.

The lights cost £19.99 a pair, which I think is pretty good value. You’ll get more info from www.lezyne.com

Disclaimer: These lights were sent to me for appraisal, free of charge. This test report was first published in the winter issue of Scottish Cycling

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