Lomond Mountaineering Club, circa 1975


I WONDER if anyone recognises themselves in this old photograph of the Lomond Mountaineering Club. It was taken on a day out in Glen Coe in about 1975. Some had been hillwalking, others had been climbing on the East Face of Aonach Dubh.

I’m the rather gormless looking one with the pipe hanging from my jaw – in the middle of the back row. The long-haired, cocky looking bugger second from left on the front row is my old mate Hamish Telfer.

The guy with the bandana round his head is George Christie and the guy to my left is an old school pal called Raymond Stokes. The guy with the ice axe and climbing helmet in the back row was called Eddie. Other than that I can’t remember anyone else.

Anyone recognise themselves – or their dad? Or even their Grandad?

Would be great to have some kind of a reunion. The Lomonds were a great club…

(If you click on the photo it should enlarge. If you can bear it…)

4 thoughts on “Lomond Mountaineering Club, circa 1975

  1. Willie Johnstone is kneeling in front of you,the picture used be in a food doocot up in the barn cira 1996,maybe still about,some characters were pointed out,strangely you weren`t,you may be glad of the lack of infamy,infamy they`ve got it infamy…

  2. I took this photograph on a timed shot in 1974 . The lineup is as follows:

    Standing, from left: Dougie Benn, Alan Paterson, Hamish Teale, George Christie, Cameron McNeish, Ray (?), Eddie McWiliams, Andy(?), Eric Duncan (me),

    Front row: Phillip Schrieber, Hamish Telfer, Willie Johnstone, Dave McDonald, Brian Johnstone, Peter(?).

    Quite a few stalwarts are missing from the shot, including Bill Lindsay – the then secretary, Ken Johnstone, and Tommy Hardy.

    Your right, it was indeed a great club. Unfortunately, if I remember correctly, some good guys left to join the JMCS.


    Eric Duncan

    • Eric, A name from my past and great to hear from you. That photograph has certainly been in circulation for a long time and is a great moment in time. Climbing before the days of Gore-Tex, plastic boots and mobile phones! Those were the days.

      • What?? You mean you’ve given up wearing itchy, hairy, tweedy, 19th century breeches? Shame on you!

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